(Okinawa Edition)

DIRECTIONS 2013/07/12

The DEEP JAPAN app facilitates unique experiences in urban exploration. Local artists use fun anime to share their favorite watering holes and other spots far off the beaten path. The app is linked with Foursquare so you can quickly access location info and make connections with other users. Use the app with car navigation systems (Denso models) to send location info when you are on wheels.

■Okinawa Edition
Set in Okinawa City, aka Goza, which boasts a plethora of little known gems waiting to be discovered. Tag along with the scraggly pair Takkuwai and Mukkuwai as they visit their favorite local haunts. Anime produced by the creative unit ATORON, based locally and active in a broad range of media.

Animation Production: ATORON
Producer: Tom Nagae