DIRECTIONS 2014/07/04
無料  アプリ内課金あり

"My child has trouble making friends..."
This app was developed for parents who worry about their children.
The intuitive interface is designed to feel like turning the pages of a picture book. Children make a series of choices as they play the game, providing insight into their emotional state. Detailed analysis of the results is offered as a paid service.
App production supervised by Miyuki Yokota, a veteran counselor who has conducted over 10,000 consultation sessions, including many with children. The adorable animals who populate the Hameln woods were created by Yosuke Oomomo, who received numerous accolades for his work since his time as a student at Tokyo University of the Arts.

Planning/Supervision: Miyuki Yokota (Counselor), Masashi Yokota
Voice Actress: Rie Nakagawa (Hana Kappa)
Illustrations/Animation: Yosuke Oomono
Director: Yusuke Tomono (24Frame)
Creative Drector: Tom Nagae