Chinshimokko nazonazo kobito zukan

出版社: Rokurinsha
発売日: 2014 /2/2
価格: 950(税込)

Produced by DIRECTIONS, Inc. and published by Rokurinsha. Packed with fun riddles to try out on school buddies, plus lots of tough brain teasers useful for stumping adults. The delightful layout and Kobitos charm make this picture book a real gem

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Author: Rumiko Ueda
Illustrations: Maiko Fukada
Character designs: Toshitaka Nabata

About Toshitaka Nabata, Kobitos creator:
Won the Scout Award at Mainichi Newspaper's GEISAI-3 in 2002. Made a huge splash with his debut picture book The Illustrated Guide to Kobitos and the sequel Kobitos for Everyone (Nagasaki Shuppan). Enjoys a broad fanbase including children and adults.