Hoshi Shinichi Short Shorts

公開年 : 2009年

Winner of the Comedy Grand Prize at the 39th International Emmy Awards (2009), considered to be TV industry's Academy Awards. Fifty episodes from the TV broadcast were selected for released on DVD.

<VOL. 1 Premium Edition>
"Miss Bokko," "The Age of Advertising," "Window" "Currency," "I Am an Assassin" "Research," "Anyone Down There?" "Department of Sustainable Living," "Men in Space"

<VOL. 2 Darkside Edition>
"Dreams and Countermeasures," "Road to Escape" "Mirror," "Chair" "Can Be Bought," "After Sales Service," "Castle of Desire" "The Dirty Book," "Nightmare"

<VOL. 3 Comical Edition>
"Targeted Star," "An All-Purpose Spy Gadget," "Cat and Mouse" "Rion," "Golden Planet,"
"Insomnia" "The Disaster," "The Doctor and His Robot," "Cursing Evil" "Present"

<VOL .4 Fantasy Edition>
"Promise," "Flowers and Promises," "Key to Love" "The Ocean," "The Cat," "Forgotten Expressions" "Beloved Clock," "Wandering Dog," "Moonlight," and "Key"

<VOL .5 Surreal Edition>
"Beginning," "Fate" "Kon," "Cheerful Insurance" "The Peach Blossom Spring,"
"Shifts," "Magical Fortune," "Whisper" "Dissatisfied," "The Man Who Came from Earth"