Illustrated Book of Kobitos Movie Series

公開年 : 2010年~

Movie series based on Toshitaka Nabata's "The Illustrated Book of Kobitos," which has sold over 2.5 million copies. The mysterious Kobitos aren't quite animals, insects, or plants, and certainly aren't human. The movies give detailed presentations of how to observe kobitos in their natural habitats, as well as valuable hints for caring for them at home. Fans from preschoolers to parents are mesmerized by the many kinds of kobitos in a wide range of habitats. Summer season theatrical release in Aeon Cinemas. International releases include Malaysia and Korea.

<Series titles>
"Introduction to Observing Kobitos," "Kobitos Encyclopedia" DVD series
"The Illustrated Book of Kobitos Movie: Peach Bottom's Secret Orchard" (2014)
"Kobitos Theater," "Kobitos Theater 2" (2012)
"Kobitos Theater 3" (2013)