Pale Cocoon

公開年 : 2005年 

SF anime director Yasuhiro Yoshiura's debut commercial release. This solo production achieved an exceptional level of artistry by combining hand-drawn and CG artwork.
Grounded in themes from classic science fiction, this short film eschews flashy action sequences in favor of rendering an unforgettable story universe. The heavy-hitting style strikes a satisfying balance between artistic animation and entertainment. The interface design and claustrophia and stagnation within a humongous edifice put this film on the must-see list for serious SF fans.

Director, Script, Production: Yasuhiro Yoshiura
Producer: Tom Nagae
Music Producer: Tohru Okada
Sound Effects Producer: Kazuhiko Arakawa
Sound Effects: Kazumi Ohkubo
Co-production: DIRECTIONS, Inc.