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Junior high school English on the AA-Go Space Ship

Have fun learning how to express yourself with basic junior high school-level English. This show pioneers new ways of teaching language. Three beginning-level English students (Jinnai, Kinako and Jun) ride aboard the space ship AA-Go (which means "let's go with English!" in Japanese) and have adventures with the android Lucy, who only speaks English. Japanese learners of English often are confounded when they chose the right vocabulary but have a hard time getting their point across. The root sources of these communication problems are explained through skits. The show focuses on the two pillars of junior high school-level English, namely word order and pronounciation, and is perfect for beg

Jinnai: Tomonori Jinnai
Kinako: Kinako Kobayashi
Jun: Jun Shison
Lucy: Ananda Jacobs
Prof. Takayama: Yoshiki Takayama (Tokyo Gakugei University, Professor)