( 2015 )
<NHK Educational TV>   Super Presentation(2012-2015)[link]

( 2014 )
<NHK Educational TV>Math to Solve Through Pictures (Aoyama One-seg Development Entry Program)
<NHK Educational TV>  Let's Learn at NHK for School
<NHK Educational TV>  Japan Through My Eyes: 55th Japanese Speech Contest
<NHK General TV>   EXILE: 500-day Documentary on People Who Keep Following Their Dreams
<NHK Educational TV>   Super Presentation SP Japanese with Global Recognition

( 2013 )
<NHK Educational TV>  Dai Tensai Televi-kun   (2011~2013)
<NHK General TV>  Tokyo  Kawaii★TV (2008~2013)
<NHK Educational TV>  Japan Through My Eyes: 54th Japanese Speech Contest
<FUJI TV NEXT (CS)/BS Fuji>  Scha Dara Parr Concert "23"
<NHK Educational TV>   Super Presentation SP Joichi Ito x Ryuichi Sakamoto Talk about the Future
<NHK Educational TV>  Super Presntation Spring SP
<NHK General TV>   Documenting Every 7 Years - Turning 28 Years Old
<NHK Educational TV>  Ryuichi Sakamoto Enjoying Taiga Drama through Music

( 2012 )
<NHK Educational TV>  Japan Through My Eyes: 53rd Japanese Speech Contest
<NHK General TV・NHK BS>   ap bank fes '12 Fund for Japan: Connecting Tsumagoi, Awaji Island and Northern Japan
<NHK Educational TV>   Back by Popular Demand! Super Presentation: 8-part Special
<NHK Educational TV>  Digista Teens (2010~2012)
<NHK Educational TV>  ANGELA AKI 's  SONGBOOK in English
<NHK Educational TV> Basic English Mini Program
<NHK BS Premium>  Everything People Love About Sky Tree: Edo Craftspeople's Sky Tree
<NHK Educational TV/NHK World TV>   Haiku Bloom
<NHK Educational TV>   Everyone's Song "North Wind and Sun"
<Nippon TV>   Shikamo!(2011~2012)
<NHK Educational TV>  You're an Artist Too (2010~2012)
<NHK General TV>   Rock School(2007~2012)

( 2011 )
<NHK Educational TV>  Shakiin! The Night  (2009~2011)
<NHK Educational TV> Top Runner  (2004〜2011)
<TBS>  Milk Chabon Good Luck! Milk Duty
<NHK General TV/NHK Radio #1> I love you & I need you Fukushima
<NHK Educational TV>  Little Charo 2 Story to Fall in Love with English (2010~2011)
<NHK General TV>  Tuiseki! A to Z (2009~2011)
<NHK Educational TV・NHK WORLD> Erin Gives it a Try! I Can Speak Japanese (2006~2011)

( 2010 )
NHK BS2 / BS hi> Digital Stadium (2000~2010) ◆Awards: Good Design Award (New Frontier Design Award 2001)
<NHK Educational TV> Tensai Televi-kun MAX  (2003~2010)
<NHK Educational TV>  Happy English
<NHK Online> NHK Online Renewal (15th Anniversary Project)
<NHK Online>  NHK Online Renewal (Drama Edition)
<NHK Online>  NHK Online Renewal (Dance Edition)
<NHK Educational TV / BS2> Digista Little Theater  (2006~2010)
<NHK General TV> If I Weren't from Fukushima
<NHK General TV/BS2> TV Play Performance! (2008~2010)
<NHK General TV>  Global Eco 2008: Save The Future(2008~2010)

( 2009 )
 <NHK General TV/ BS2 / BS hi>  Hoshi Shinichi Short Shorts  (2008~2009) ◆Awards: 37th International Emmy Award (Comedy) Grand Prize (2009)
<Disney Channel(CS, CATV)>D-jam (2005~2009)
<NHK General TV>  NHK Special "Nagatacho: The Breakdown of Power"
<NHK General TV>  Close-up Gendai "Free Businesses"

( 2008 )  
<NHK General TV>  Tokyo Kawaii☆TV ecoaward
<NHK Educational TV>  Eco Quiz in Numbers

( 2007 )   
<NHK Educational TV> Tensai bit-kun  (2001~2007)
<NHK Educational TV>  Friday Bulletin Board TV  (2003~2007)   
<NHK Educational TV> BEGIN Japanology
<NHK Educational TV> Start English Conversation Today
<Disney Channel >  Music Party 2007
<Nippon TV> Thursday Special
<Nippon TV>  Enjoy the Summary: World Famous Stories

( 2006 )  
<NHK General TV> NHK Special "Beauty☆Wars"
<NHK General TV>NHK  Special Tokyo Kawaii ★Wars (2006)
<NHK General TV> Tokyo kawaii☆LIVE (2006)