Palm Top Theater i3DG

DIRECTIONS 2012/12/12

Smartphone device that lets you enjoy 3D videos in the palm of your hand. Use the Palm Top Theater app to purchase and playback 3D videos. Enjoy music videos, animation, and interactive pieces that use smartphone sensor technology.
・iPhone6, iPhone6 Plus and android compatible model coming soon
・ Bjork's "Moon" music video from her album Biophilia available for playback with the Palm Top Theater
・ Passepied's "Yes no" music video was created for Palm Top Theater by students at Digital Hollywood University.
□「Yes no」PV link)

□「Yes no」PV Behind the scenes link)

awards received:
・ Ars Electronica Festival 2010, Honorary Mention (i3DG)
・ 14th Japan Media Arts Festival, Entertainment category selected work